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Our Services - Turn your F&B problems into opportunities

Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Whatever size of project you are working on, we provide a variety of services that will fit within your budget.



GEMARO-specializes Restaurant Consulting, Menu Development, Concept & Recipe Development. 


We have the expertise in Gluten Free / Vegan Recipe Development, Top 8 Allergen Free Delights for Gluten Sensitive & Health Conscious clientele.

With over thirty years of world wide restaurant & hotel experience.

We have been in your position, sat at your desk, worked the 'line', cleaned the dishes, provided great service, achieved sales targets, developed and motivated staff............ we know how to tackle the most difficult challenge.

We can assist you with Design Coordination (from blue print up), Equipment Selection, Menu Costing, Operational Planning, Crisis Management, Employment Management, Employees' Handbook & Training Manuals, Food Safety Manuals/SOP's and Customer Service Training, everything that is needed to get a new operation/venture off the ground.

Our goal is to help you become profitable, find more efficiencies, find more dollars to your bottom line, making and keeping your operation a successful venture.

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Gluten-Free Recipe Development

Our Team spend a considerable amount of time, dedicated to Research & Development for Top 8 Allergen Free Products.

Our objective was "create satisfying, all natural and wholesome products that are free of preservatives".

The results surpassed even our expectations! Our new creations are not only tasty, very presentable, delicious, best of all-you won't believe its Gluten Free!!

We have created an ever evolving repertoire of 'all natural' Artisan breads, Vegan breads and buns, creative Danish, Tea cakes as well as several fantastic savoury GF dishes.

Please contact us if you:

* are interested to broaden your menu choices

* need guidance on how to incorporate a gluten free offering

* convert or change to a gluten free operation

* like to increase and improve your current product line with items that are not yet available on the market

* need some help and support to get your ideas from the drawing board into production

* have a specific idea of what products you want to have developed

We treat all inquiries confidential and work with you to achieve your goals!

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