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Why us?

Our company's team is based on the belief that the customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Our Creative Director, Robert Mayer has over 30 years worldwide experience in varying aspects of the food service industry. He started his professional chef journey in his native Austria. He is a trained Chef, Baker, Pastry, Protein & Beverage Expert. His passion and drive took his career around the world, working in top five star, luxury hotels and restaurants. Robert lived and worked in Austria, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, United States, Australia and Canada



His expertise spans beyond busy kitchens, it includes managing single and multi unit restaurants, designing and planning operations from blue print up. He worked on Corporate Levels as Director of Food and Beverage, Corporate Chef and General Manager for Multi-Unit Restaurants and as Executive Chef for Five Stars/Diamonds Hotel Groups.



He also has extensive experience and knowledge of Gluten Free product development, new recipe & product development.

Robert has opened and reopened many restaurants, revived others, and enhanced reputations and profitability.



Most recently at:

* R&D, Staff training for Fresh Market Restaurant Canada

* Owner, Gluten Free & Allergen Free Wholesale Bakery - GEMARO Bakery Canada

* R&D for Franzese USA

* R&D for Sorelle Bakery Canada

* R&D for "one net carb" breakfast item for Toronto Gluten Free Production Facility

* R&D & Staff training for Gluten Free Bakery on Queen Street (QSGF) Canada

* “Wilde & Greene” Skokie, Chicago (35000sqf)

* Richtree Promenade Thornhill (3000sqf) Canada

* Richtree College Park (2500sqf)Toronto,Canada

* "Amadeus" Restaurant Toronto, Canada

* “Capers” Restaurant - Regent Hotel Singapore

* “Kables” Restaurant-Regent Hotel Sydney, Australia.

* “Bristol Lounge” Four Seasons Hotel Boston, USA



During 2000, the Regent Hotel was the “Official Hotel of the Olympics” in Sydney, making it a temporary home for many Celebrities and Royalties for weeks. He also supported the Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs during the World Gourmet Summit Singapore in 2001-2003.



Robert appeared on several Roger’s TV life Segments promoting healthier eating and food options, as well as hands on cooking classes for young children. Quality meals, menu and concept development, as well as food preparation and presentation are still his favourite “thing to do”. He holds International Certifications for Advanced Food Safety, Restaurant Management (Switzerland & Singapore),Diplomas and various Certificates in Culinary Arts, Smart Serve & PSCC. Robert’s broad hospitality expertise expanded and branched out into successfully planning & running Operations of various sizes with him at the helm. His passion is everything culinary; his strengths are being able to plan from blueprint up, creating efficient work flow, Chef and Server training, creating and implementing systems that ensures operations run smoothly and most importantly profitably.

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